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Session 2 2018 --- April 2 - May 25

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It isn’t too late to enroll in the Spring session!
Brush up on your basic skills or learn something entirely new.
Check the course list to see what might interest you.
All courses and some workshops have room for additional students.
If you would like to sign up for one, please call 408-674-1401.




  • Computer Classes for Adults at Almaden (map)
    Almaden Community Center
    6445 Camden Avenue
    San Jose, CA
  • On Camden Avenue, a few blocks west of Almaden Expressway
  • (408) 268-1133


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  • Beginning to advanced courses designed for adult learners
  • Two-hour workshops on a variety of topics
  • Practical, step-by-step instruction
  • Instructors who teach slowly (unlike your grandchildren) so you can keep up
  • Individual assistance by experienced coaches to keep you on track
  • Fun classes; pleasant environment; friendly, volunteer staff
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  • Two hours in length
  • One day a week
  • Eight weeks or less
  • Morning, midday, and afternoon start times
  • Monday through Friday
  • Check the course schedule for dates and times.
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  • Students on the mailing list will receive notification of the date, time and courses available for the next session
  • Registration takes place four times a year on Saturdays at the Almaden Community Center or by mail-in proxy
  • Registration for courses is based on a random drawing of place numbers in the lowest to highest sequence
  • Early arrival for registration will not improve your chances of drawing a low number
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  • Course fees collected the day of registration payable to CCA
  • Fee for 8-week course is $20
  • Lesser fees for shorter classes and workshops
  • SeniorNet membership at Almaden no longer required
  • SeniorNet membership is required at the Willows SeniorNet Learning Center
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About Us

  • We are part of the Almaden Community Center.
    We are dedicated to help adults build their computer and smartphone skills.
  • Sixteen IBM compatible computers, plus an instructor's computer in a dedicated classroom for instructional and lab use
  • An overhead projector connected to the instructor's computer displaying the content of the instructor's monitor for students
  • Weekly lab hours for additional help from the Learning Center staff.